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XS Tops Set 1

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A- Turquoise Sequins with Magenta Lace Xtreme Push Up Bra Cup

B- NEON Yellow with Blue Lace Trim

C- 70's style Peacock Top with Tan Trim

D- Special textured Fabric- Sweater like? Triangle String. Light Blue

E- Baby Pink and leopard print extreme pushup bra top

F- Shattered Glass Triangle

Sample Sale: All of these pieces were created as samples or used for photoshoots. If you have any questions, reach out via instagram for an immediate answer. We will be answering questions via the DM’s on our official instagram page @pinkiniswimwear. Or you can send us an email to info@pinkiniswimwear.com. Most of these fabrics have been discontinued and some jewels as well! Remember ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Mix and match to create your own suit! We hope you enjoy! <3